Gionee 1In the bid to ensure that androids are made available to all, few brands have made exclusive phones that are affordable yet with the full features that make Smartphone’s the most sought after products in the market today. This gave consumers the opportunity to purchase products that will suit their lifestyle, functional and economic benefit.

In June 2015, we witnessed the release of the Samsung Galaxy J5 and the Gionee Marathon M5 smartphones into the market for the mid-level consumers. Recently, Huawei launched the Huawei G-Power, which moves in the same category with the J5 and M5 from Samsung and Gionee with similar features. Although these smartphones share similar features they all have their unique selling attributes, qualities and functionalities to endear consumers to purchase them. Lets look at the features on these smartphones one after the other.

Battery:  The Huawei G-Power comes with a 4000 mAh battery, which gives consumers 90 hours of light use, 48 hours of heavy use and 12 hours of web surfing. The flash charge gives consumers 3 hours of talk time after a 10 minutes charge and also the smartphone can be used as a mobile power to transfer its charge to other electronics. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy J5 has a 2600 mAh battery while the Gionee Marathon M5 comes with a 6020 mAh battery.



Camera:  The 3 smartphones have a 13MP rear-facing camera and a 5MP front-facing camera. However, the Huawei G-Power can capture spontaneous moments with its Titan unique Ultra snapshot function and its visual search feature allows users to identify objects or landmarks and find information on them by snapping a photo.


Operating System: The three smartphones run on Android 5.1 with the Huawei G-Power having the Emotion UI 3.1 Lite and the Samsung Galaxy J5 the TouchWiz UI and the Gionee Marathon M5 the Amigo 3.1.

Size: The Huawei G-Power and Samsung Galaxy J5 has a 5.0 inches screen size and weighs 160.00 grams and 149.00 grams respectively while the Gionee Marathon M5 has a 5.50 inches screen size and weighs 211.00 grams.

Colors: The Samsung Galaxy J5, Gionee Marathon M5 and Huawei G-Power come in Black, White and Gold colors.

gionee 4

Card Slot: The Gionee Marathon M5 has an internal storage of 32GB with an option for a microSD card. The Samsung Galaxy J5 has an internal memory of 8GB with an option for a microSD card. The Huawei G-Power comes with an internal memory of 16GB.
CPU: For the technical lovers you may want to know that the Gionee Marathon M5 and the Huawei G-Power has the 1.3GHz Quad-core made by MediaTek MT6735 and the Samsung Galaxy J5 has the 1.2 GHz Quad-core made by Qualcomm Snapdragon 410.


Memory Space and Price: The Gionee Marathon M5 comes with 3 GB RAM memory space but sold at Fifty Five Thousand naira (55,000) while the Huawei G-Power has 2 GB RAM space and 8 GB of internal storage sold at Forty Six Thousand naira (46,000). The Samsung Galaxy J5 has a 1.5 GB RAM yet it is priced higher than Huawei for Fifty Four Thousand naira (54,000).

We hope with these amazing specifications and designs consumers can tell us which product will be their favorite considering the economical and functional benefits of each smartphone.


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