I spent a while wading through this 66-page report from the GSMA so you won’t have to, unless you really want to. It’s called The Mobile Economy Report, and it contains a ton of insights about mobile technology, adoption and all that jazz. According to the report, the number of mobile phone users in Africa has passed the 500 million mark – 557 million (46% of the population), as at Q4 2015, to be exact. That’s huge proof that Android is eating the world.

About a third of those 557 million users come from Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa, and the total is expected to hit 725 million by 2020. The number of mobile internet subscribers is even more interesting: 300 million right now, as opposed to 100 million just 5 years ago. There’s more. Mobile tech across Africa generated $153 million in economic value, directly supports more than 1.3m jobs and indirectly supports an additional 2.4 million. There’s more still, but to find it, you’ll have to read the report yourself. Don’t worry, there’s lots of images/infographics. 🙂

Source – GSMA.

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15th December 2018

As far as I can recall, I’ve owned seven phones in the last nine years, four of which forcefully ended up with people who needed them more than I did. Out of the remaining three, I recall handing one down to a younger sibling and disposing another in a waste bag during spring cleaning. I haven’t given much thought to where my current phone will end up when it no longer serves its purpose. Until now.

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