I’m not sure whether or not to call it schadenfreude, but I snorted when I read on Techweez a few minutes ago, that Craft Silicon and Safaricom’s almighty Uber killer, LittleCabs has to drop its name. Yes, as Craft Silicon’s CEO Kamal Bugdabatti said, the app was developed in around a month, and I can imagine they were on a tight schedule to reincarnate EasyTaxi, release the app, and get the show on the road (pun intended).

Well, while all that was going on, someone else went and registered the name Little Cab(s) as a trademark, and now they can no longer trade using it. He’s gone to court. In response, Safaricom and Craft Silicon have rebranded the app and re-christened the service….Little. Yes, the great Uber killer (that people were comparing to Didi in China) is now called Little. Let’s learn to do our homework, guys.

Osarumen Osamuyi Author

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