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After 4 years in business of making payments in Nigeria easier and more convenient, fintech startup, Paga just hit 5 million users.

Co-founder, Tayo Oviosu announced this in a Medium post where he chronicled the Paga journey from inception till date. According to him, the reasons for Paga’s success include the team of over 200 dedicated individuals who work to build the company, and the network of agents who are tenacious entrepreneurs. In Tayo’s words, “I love our agents and always enjoy going out to the field and meeting them — they are making a difference in their communities and building valuable businesses for themselves.” Paga has the single largest network of financial access points in Nigeria with 10,000 agents.

This is a huge milestone and a sign that Paga is definitely solving a problem. Congrats to the entire Paga team.

You can read the entire post here

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