A few minutes ago, when I heard that Linda Ikeji had launched a social networking platform, I was blown away. I almost clicked my heels, because you have to admit, it is quite ballsy and ambitious. What if she actually blows? If you think about how far she took her blogging, you’d be wise not to dismiss this so soon.

I knew about 20 people who read her blog everyday and I was sure they would sign up for her social media platform. Until I decided to sign up and see for myself. Needless to say, I was completely uninterested in joining yet another social media platform.

I tried to sign up using my email address, and I was taken to the next page which told me that a confirmation email has been sent to my inbox. Multiple refreshes on my inbox showed no email, so I waited. I still haven’t gotten that email.

Then I tried to login with the email, thinking it’s some sort of glitch, and this happened. Guess who has to login with Facebook now?


After a successful login, I just had to set up a profile picture and I thought that was that. But I was asked to update my details, an unnecessary step in my opinion, because it is something that can be easily changed in my profile settings.

This my feed (which is actually Linda Ikeji’s blog) and I’m already bored.


The featured deals tab, aka store, looked interesting, so I clicked on one of the items and there were only 6 items there. Work in progress I suppose.


If you’re having trouble signing up, you’re not alone.

If I wasn’t curious about the site, I too would have dropped off from the signup process. I did sign up, but I’m not sure I would visit the site after today. Also, what’s with the washed out colors? It’s like pastel meets fading. As for the home page, it looks like a red Facebook, and this fact is skillfully illustrated here.

LIS is going to share ad revenue with users, and it’s a great incentive that will ensure that Linda has a great start. The idea is a great one, and it also suits her audience base brilliantly.

Linda Ikeji said the site was inspired by two fans who said they only visited her blog and Facebook. A popular quote says “Give the people what they want, and they’ll come”.

And there you have it, Linda Ikeji’s Facebook.


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