Even if you don’t know anything about Lagos, you probably know about its famed Danfo buses. Inspired by the yellow and black of Lagos’ most popular transport icon and the art associated with it, design agency, Dá Design Studio, has created a font appropriately named Danfo STD


Although anyone that has lived in Lagos will tell you that Danfo drivers aren’t the most careful, their vehicles have become an important cultural element. They do not just embody Lagos’ fast and furious energy, they are also rolling art exhibitions, emblazoned with colourful typographic murals that capture the hustle, aspiration and belief in the divine intervention that brings blessings upon one’s family and destroys their enemies and haters. Afterall, If god be for you, who can be against you?

The font design taps into our collective identity as a people. It’s got a great kerning – a hallmark of all great fonts – and the characters are bold and legible. The sheer aesthetic of the thing is just great and it has the potential to become a very important cultural and design export.  

Its yellow and black color quickly reminds you of the hustle and bustle of Lagos’ streets. It evokes fun and playfulness – an important aspect of the stickers that inspired the font itself. In all, Danfo STD ticks the right boxes (we geeked out in the office when we first heard about it) particularly in terms of the cultural significance of the project. 

The best part is: you can get some Lagos hustle on your walls, posters, bumper stickers, scooters, skateboards, literally anything you want, anywhere in the world. The typeface is available for use through commercial and non-commercial licenses and because we always got your back, you can get 25% off if you use the code “TECHCABAL”. You’ll have to hurry though, because this offer is only valid till Friday the 20th of July, 2018. Don’t dull. 

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