Olanrewaju Odunowo

Despite Increase In Tariffs, Nigeria’s Solar Industry Remains Resilient
people, startups
7th November 2018

For some solar startups, instead of increasing prices, they have had to absorb the extra charges from the Nigerian customs.

Why It Makes More Sense To Switch To Solar Power Now
Funding, people, startups
2nd November 2018

It is not as expensive as it used to be and customers can take advantage of the flexible payment options or acquire one.

Oolu Solar Is Taking On Nigeria’s $2 Billion A Year Solar Home System Market
29th October 2018

Oolu Solar has entered into Nigeria to connect the 20 million households in Nigeria without power with access to basic electricity.

600m Africans Lack Electricity, Innovative Financing Is Bridging The Gap
26th October 2018

Innovative financing approaches like securitization allow off-grid energy startups to use their future cash flows to quickly reach more Africans with solar home systems.

Solar Saves Lives: One Hospital’s Story
people, startups
21st September 2018

Nigerian businesses including hospitals critically need power to survive and for some, to save lives. Renewable energy (especially off-grid) presents a strong proposition to address the power challenges.

HydroPower Dominates Africa’s Renewables But Over 80% Of Its Potential Remains Untapped
people, startups
20th September 2018

Africa has a potential to have installed energy capacity of about 350,000 MW (350 GW) from hydropower alone but only about 10 – 20% has been installed.

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