People should learn from other people’s experiences. If someone has gone through a similar life and business situation, it makes sense to identify their pitfalls and factor them into your plans.

That’s the premise of UK Nigeria Tech Hub’s new podcast series “Building from Ground Up” put together in partnership with TechCabal.

Entrepreneurs from Nigeria and the United Kingdom will share, in a fun and relatable manner, some of the lessons they have learnt from building a startup or technology company.

On Friday, September 25 for the first episode, we’ll be featuring Dr Ola Brown, Founder, Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company.

The Flying Doctors Healthcare Group invests and operates across the healthcare and wellness value chain. Some of its portfolio companies include Helium Health, MDaaS, Lifestores Pharmacy and Koniku.

The company plans to set up a $1 billion fund to invest in health care and wellness across Africa.

Dr Brown will share some of the lessons she has learnt from building her company.

During this event, upcoming entrepreneurs will learn and gain insights from the successes and lessons learnt from the journeys of startup founders and innovators.

Register here to join the event:

Olanrewaju Odunowo Author

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