Has it taken a pandemic for you to realise how hard it is to run a business online? Are you even fully online yet? Are you scrambling to track online payments? Have you told that customer on Instagram that their delivery might be delayed? Oh, and how’s your inventory looking? Don’t worry. We get it. 

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) make up about 65% of Nigeria’s economic output so if you are struggling, then we all are. We’re CICOD Lyte and we’re here to offer business automation solutions that will help you stay afloat, especially in this increasingly digital age. With CICOD Lyte, you can process unlimited orders via multiple sales channels – whether that be on your website, your Instagram, or even in-store – and manage all these customer orders from a singular hub. You can conveniently update your product catalog and keep track of your inventory in real-time, you can auto-generate invoices to send via text or email, and you can check on the status of each order at any time. 

This seamlessness carries through to the point of payment collection with our unique CICOD invoice ID, which is recognized by all major payment channels. In simpler terms, this means your customers will have no issues paying by card online, by POS in person, or even by bank transfer. 

In this period of uncertainty and endless change, it’s extremely important that you keep your customers constantly updated. Are you having a sale to get rid of old stock? Or do you just want to make sure that they come back when the shops do re-open? Well, CICOD Lyte will also help you reward your customers with easily set discounts, promotions and loyalty features for the regulars. 

Have we covered all your bases? Oh, don’t think we forgot customer care. We will even make it easier for you to handle feedback and complaints where they come. CICOD Lyte can help you send customers instant updates on their requests and complaints, and on the back-end, we will help you assign the tasks to your team members to make sure that someone is actually dealing with it. 

Still not sure if you trust us yet? That’s okay. We’re giving you a 30-day free trial of any of the different packages so you can take us for a spin! Stick with us and you get all this and more for only N1500 a month. With CICOD Lyte, you won’t just stay afloat in this period, but you will emerge even stronger than when you went in. 

The world has gone digital, your business should too! Let CICOD Lyte take you there. 

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