Thailand is the second largest Southeast Asian economy worth $512 billion in 2019. However, the impact of the coronavirus outbreak is certain to have dire consequences for the entire region and is likely to leave a lasting impression on a number of industries vital for the Thai economy.

The government of Thailand has already announced a $58 billion plan in an effort to mitigate the impact the outbreak is certain to have on the tourist and related industries. The closing of multiple destinations and airline routes, in addition to the cancellation of tourism agencies and charters is estimated to impact the economy of Thailand at 10% of national GDP, which is close to figures predicted for most other countries around the world.

The decline in tourism and inflows of foreign funds into the country is going to have a lasting effect on the incomes of millions of Thai citizens who will be left without work and salaries until the industries are able to recover. The most optimistic estimates place the resumption timeframe for tourism traffic in the middle of summer, which is far from the ideal season to be visiting Thailand.

Remaining without income is a serious blow to many households, but is also an opportunity for Thai citizens to start discovering new avenues of revenue generation in times of crisis. One of the possible sources of revenue that can be tapped in times of financial uncertainty is the trading market, which is always open to newcomers and boasts liquidity levels and entry thresholds that lure both novice and professional traders to try their hands at making money on market volatility.

Binomo Thailand

The Binomo platform is one of the main services capable of offering Thai citizens the instruments and tools they need to start trading on a variety of global markets and making money on investment orders and a broad range of assets. The platform is designed as a user-friendly interface available with high transaction speeds in Thailand and over 130 other countries to ensure near instantaneous order execution.

Binomo trade Thailand is a platform that specifically caters to both novice and professional traders by offering extensive trading opportunities, strategies, options and instruments as on the world’s most popular trading terminals. The set of strategies available for Binomo investments Thailand based citizens can make is broad and includes both classical options built on Stochastic, MACD, Bolinger and other indicators, as well as advanced features that professional traders can build on custom market observations.

The key advantage of the Binomo platform application is its ability to operate around the clock without any weekend breaks or holidays. Such an approach allows users of the platform to take advantage of minute changes in market volatility and apply scalping strategies that are otherwise inaccessible to the majority of traders worldwide operating on exchange floors.

The variety of instruments and trading pairs provided by the Binomo broker can match that of the majority of trading interfaces and includes dozens of currencies for binary and forex trade, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, popular digital assets like Bitcoin and many others. The versatility of the platform coupled with its convenience allows citizens with no experience in trading to navigate the user-friendly interface and trade small amounts before learning the ropes of the trade via a convenient demo account function. The latter provides users the chance to test all the functions of the platform for free and learn the basics of proper investments.

No less important is the fact that the Binomo broker is safe and reliable by being certified by the International Trade Commission as an “A” category member with multiple awards. Such recognition was made possible thanks to Binomo’s outstanding track record in providing its users with quality services and ensuring their investments with a special fund capped at 20,000 euros per user. Over 900,000 traders worldwide have vested their trust in Binomo and rely on its unparalleled security and operational reliability.

Among the advantages that set Binomo apart is the fact that the platform offers multiple withdrawal gateways like MasterCard, Visa and regional operators, thus allowing users from anywhere in the world to secure their earnings with easy transfers.

Binomo Website

The Binomo official website is global and available virtually anywhere in the world. Users from Thailand will be able to enjoy an interface in both their native language, as well as in English. The website offers easy onboarding and Binomo download Thailand options that allow users to have the application operational on both their desktop and mobile devices to ensure momentary access to the trading terminal, thus ensuring maximum connection to the market.

The Binomo investment Thailand website also offers a convenient takeoff option for all new users by providing a demo login account, which allows users to test the features of the platform. The demo login function grants users access to a virtual currency account worth $1000 so aspiring traders can risk no real funds in testing the various strategies.

Upon trying the demo login function, users are offered a simple registration procedure via email that will require them to provide verifiable credentials to ensure proper identification. Such a procedure is necessary for ensuring compliance with international KYC and AML requirements. After successful registration, users are required to top up their account balances via a variety of convenient means. The minimum amount for balance maintenance is $10 or euros. Such an amount allows even users with low amounts of available funds to experience the potential of trading, which, in conjunction with order levels as low as $1 on Binomo, allow for virtually risk-free approaches to trading.

Binomo App

The Binomo application is available on both iOS and Android devices for mobile use of trading. Such an approach is vital in the modern realities of consumer behavior, where the on-the-go lifestyle allows users to have access to their trading accounts from work, home or even transport. The round-the-clock availability and uninterrupted operation of the Binomo application with stable internet connection make it one of the fastest applications of its kind on the market.

Binomo download Thailand is the application download section on the official Binomo website that gives users the chance to install the app and start trading in a safe and convenient environment from the comfort of their smartphones. The Binomo trade Thailand application thus gives new and untapped opportunities for generating revenue to citizens of the country and gives them the instruments they need to have alternative earning potential.


A global financial crisis of proportions unprecedented in the last few decades is looming and is threatening to make entire industries unprofitable for months or years to come. The economy of Thailand is not being spared from the realities of the coronavirus outbreak, leaving its citizens with the choice of making money using alternative means. One of said means is the Binomo platform trading application.

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