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Good morning. What are the real costs of an internet shutdown? This week’s TC Insights will tell us with data at 2pm WAT. In the interim, follow TC Insights on Twitter and LinkedIn.

In today’s edition:

-Fake news


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Every week, Alex writes “Factsheet,” a specific guide to experiencing and using technology platforms in Africa. From how to get your African film on Netflix to how to raise a seed round…


How do you set up and fund your first bitcoin account if you’re on the African continent?

If you’re still at the point where you’ve still not accepted Bitcoin as legitimate currency for transactions, Alex says you need to put on your big boy pants and face reality. If Bitcoin is here is here to stay, you might as well get up to speed on how to use it.

What do wallets have to do with it?

You know how you need a wallet to keep your cash? It pretty much applies to Bitcoin. So your first step – after understanding how Bitcoin works – is to decide on which wallet to use.

There are a number of options for Africans: BuyCoins, Bitsika, Quidax, Luno, Bundle, YellowCard, LocalBitcoin. And more.

What’s next?

Read Alex’s article and set up your first Bitcoin account pretty quickly!


How much do people in Ghana trust social media platforms as sources of news?

A lot!

A recent survey shows that social media platforms, Facebook and WhatsApp were deemed untrustworthy by over one-third of
Ghana’s youth population (37% and 35%, respectively).

Google is also trusted by nearly three-quarters of the population. The survey also asked people where they get their news from.

In Ghana, social media apps drive the news

Over eight in ten young Ghanaians surveyed said that social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and
Snapchat, are the most important ‘apps’ on their smartphone.

‘News’ apps on the other hand are important to only 31% of the population surveyed.

The survey throws up some worries, given that a lot of fake news is pushed through social media platforms. Should Ghanaians trust social media platforms a little less?

This article certainly thinks so!


At Catalysing Conversations, Obi Ozor (Co-founder & CEO, Kobo360) will share a blueprint for rapidly scaling a technology company in an emerging market, drawing from his experience expanding Kobo360 to seven countries in under 3 years. Register here!


Twitter is making some changes to its policy on hacked materials…

What does this mean?

Before now, Twitter’s policy was clear: it removed tweets including hacked materials. The policy has been in place since 2018. But now the social media company is backtracking, following some heat it received.

What informed the changes?

A New York Times Post article referred to some emails allegedly sent by the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Although Twitter blocked the link, the story shot up to the top of trending topics anyway and surprisingly, Twitter responded with a policy reversal.

That policy change now means that Twitter will no longer remove tweets that feature hacked information unless they are posted directly by the hacker.

One big takeaway:

Rest easy news outlets, you’re now in the clear.

Bonus: Content moderation is still not an exact science.


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– Olumuyiwa

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