On Saturday, April 3rd, 2021 Global Wissen Consult, a social development enterprise established to pass the light of digital knowledge through modern ways of learning, gathered key stakeholders at the Landmark Event Center for the launch of its new platform.

Founded in 2018 by Nathalie Sundelin and Oscar Nwokeji with the aim to bridge the gaps in digital learning for youths in Nigeria, Global Wissen Consult has metamorphosed with the launch of a universal platform that addresses the diverse needs of a new generation of digital entrepreneurs willing to learn, share, sell, buy and engage.

The Global Wissen Consult platform is designed to provide individuals everything needed to survive in today’s digital space. Co-founder, Oscar Nwokeji said at the launch where he also spoke on the platforms’ offerings stating;

“With the Global Wissen Consult platform, we created 3 products in one;

1. An online university – where users can pick courses relevant to the Nigerian market and its needs.

2. A social media platform where users can share experiences and opportunities as well as network

3. A developmental center where Global Wissen matches mentors to mentees, provides access and resources for grants as well as provides access to jobs and internships for users. For us, it was important to put all three products in one to simplify access to knowledge, information and opportunities”

Through these three products in one Global Wissen Consult is encouraging people to learn skills to leverage the digital space in all fields all while building a community that encourages knowledge sharing with access to news and information in a place where you also have access to job opportunities, mentorship, and grants sourced through Global Wissen. By this the aim is to bridge the digital gap and ensure that everyone has access to the digital space and its benefits.

Speaking at the launch event Co-founder, Natalie Sundelin said;

“Our focus while creating the platform was to ensure the next generation is well equipped with knowledge and tools that is easily accessible”

The Global Wissen Consult platform offers the opportunity to access a diverse range of sourced knowledge from one place.Anna Rääs, Deputy Head of Mission expressed support for the platform, pointing out how the Global Wissen Consult platform will help boost literacy and close a wide digital divide in Nigeria.

The launch was a success as a live demonstration of the platform sparked interest and enthusiasm from guests.


– Global Wissen Consult has launched a universal platform that addresses the diverse needs of a new generation of digital entrepreneurs willing to learn, share, sell, buy and engage.

– Global Wissen Consult will provide access to digital skills to address Nigeria’s young, vibrant growing tech and business market space through its online platform.

– Its founders, Natalie Sundelin and Oscar Nwokeji have partnered with Nigerian businesses, institutions, and individuals to provide easy access to knowledge and close the digital gap.

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