Is this thing on?

Six months into TechCabal 3.0 and a few things are changing. Armed with our new motto – “Everyone is invited” – we are telling more pan-African stories and covering more regions on the continent. 

And speaking of stories, we decided to give them a better, cooler home. The result of that decision is what you are currently reading this on – our new website!

We’ve been at this since 2013 and so far we’ve been able to bring much-needed attention to Africa’s nascent startup and innovation scene. From local startup news to funding rounds across Africa, we’ve kept you up to date with all of it but most importantly, we’ve shown you how technology is positively impacting Africa. 

So what’s new?

Sometimes you just want to rest your eyes from the brightness of your devices and a lot of platforms give you that option these days. Well, the new TC website is not left out. You can flip the switch and enjoy your favourite stories in dark mode or light mode!

Dark mode

Light Mode

TC Insights:

Our TechCabal Insights team is always bringing you the best in actionable data and research. Now, you can easily find reports created by the TC Insights team under the reports section of our new website!

TC Reports

We’ve also included a page that houses all our video content. In the past, you could only watch videos on our Youtube page. Now you can watch TC Live or Building From Ground Up episodes directly on our new website. 

But that’s not all, our flagships are now super easy to find:

About the flagships 

From telling human angle stories of how Africans use technologies to reporting big tech and  exploring everyday trends as seen on social media, our stories are grouped into a diverse range of interests and consistently shared in different categories. 

My Life In Tech

What does it mean to have a career in tech? How does one go from working a job to founding a company? Is the proverbial tech bro/sis a monolith?  Every Wednesday, Edwin shares the stories of Africans making great strides in the world of tech and explores their journeys, learnings and aspirations in My Life In Tech.

The Next Wave

New use cases, new technologies, new policies. Alex would say that The Next Wave is Africa’s torchlight uncovering answers to all the “what next” questions we have after one year of business disruption due to COVID-19. Businesses have found new ways to offer never-before-seen products. Regulators are more alert than ever too. Keep track of all that changes on The Next Wave.

Centre Stage

Centre Stage spotlights the people who are working behind-the-scenes in Africa’s tech and business ecosystem. This column focuses on the bright minds building great products and services away from the public eye. For Koromone, our in-house managing Editor, people should read Centre Stage because it isn’t focused on founders and CEOs.

Ask an Investor

From a fresh and relatable perspective, the Ask an Investor series focuses on different investors in Africa, explaining why and how they make investment decisions. Everyone should read Ask an Investor to get to know the different investors on the African continent and how they make decisions, says Daniel.

The Backend

“What goes into the design and final outcome of an African tech product? What assumptions do tech companies make about user behaviour?” Alex asks. The BackEnd looks into these and other questions about how products are built in Africa, giving an inside view into the “control rooms” at tech companies.

The TC Daily Newsletter

We publish the TC Daily newsletter, the most comprehensive roundup of technology around Africa. The TC Daily arrives in inboxes Monday through Friday at 7am WAT and can also be accessed via the website.Behind all the categories and new features are people working tirelessly to sail this ship. From Goke’s bird’s-eye view as Editor-in-Chief to Bright who is constantly driving conversations on our social media and Michael, the new kid on the block who makes sure you don’t miss any news stories, we are pumped, more than ever, to tell stories that matter, stick around. 


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