With the Future of Commerce conference happening in less than 10 days, we have prepared a checklist for every attendee.  This checklist will provide all the information you need to know about attending the event.

If you have registered for the event, then this checklist is for you. If you haven’t registered yet, here’s your chance to do so before the event.

Get your notepads and pen ready as we look through the ultimate Future of Commerce checklist.

  1. Make sure you’re registered on Zoom

For #FOC2021, we’ll be using Zoom Events, so to be well-prepared for the conference, we advise that you register on Zoom in advance and get yourself familiar with the platform. Having any issues registering? This Zoom Events guide is your most valuable asset.

  1. Be Available

The most important asset to the Future of Commerce is you. If you have registered, the first thing on the ultimate checklist is to make sure that you are available to attend the event. 

  1. Get a Good Internet Connection

Another important thing to look out for is your internet connection. You can attend the event from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you want, but to do this effectively, you need to ensure that your internet is stable. 

  1. Prepare your Questions

We’re holding a number of catalytic workshops and panel sessions at the conference. This means that you get to ask the speakers questions on topics related to payments, e-commerce, logistics and even cryptocurrency!

To find out more about the different speakers that would be attending the event, click here.

  1. Practice your Pitch

For startup owners and innovators, this has to be on your checklist. At the Future of Commerce, you stand a chance to pitch your startup to potential investors during the “Investment Pitch session” or to potential partners during the “Partnership Pitch session”. If you run a startup, practice your pitch and make it perfect just in time for the event.

  1. Be Ready to Network

  The Future of Commerce will host attendees from different sectors across business, banking, logistics, payments, and a lot more. Since you’ll also have the opportunity to interact with them, this makes it the perfect opportunity to network, ink new partnerships, strike a merger, start a new partnership, find an investment or investor, find a new employee and a host of other opportunities.

  1. Arrive Early

On the day of the event, do not be late. The event starts at 10 am (WAT), so make sure you log in early to avoid missing out on any session that will be held on that day. If you will  be at the physical site, then make sure you arrive early as well.

  1. Participate Actively and Enjoy Yourself

Actively participate in each of the activities and try to enjoy yourself as much as possible. There would be panel sessions, workshops, pitch competitions and of course, an opportunity to network with other attendees.

We hope you found this checklist helpful, and you’re inviting all your friends, colleagues, and business associates to attend. 

The Future of Commerce conference will be held on September 24th, 2021 and will start at 10 am (WAT). You can still register for this event here

We can’t wait to see you there!

Boluwatife Sanwo Author

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