Foodtech is not only growing as a sector globally — it’s evolving. From meal kits to craft breweries, there has been a huge growth in this space over the past few years. At first glance, StoVoo might seem like another food or delivery company trying to be part of the current hot trend, but what sets it apart is its uniqueness in combining food-tech with edutech. 

Food is a global unifier that unites people of all ethnicities, colors, and personalities. StoVoo has harnessed this quality to create a platform that easily connects all food lovers; to express personalities through the experience of food — for the passion of creating elegant cuisine, for the curators of masterpiece recipes, for the foodie who wants to mesmerize her tastebuds with different delicacies at an instant, for the enthusiast who desires to learn standout indigenous or contemporary cuisines that cut across Africa and the world. 

Set for an initial global launch in 12 countries: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, and the UAE; StoVoo is the foodies corner of the tech world. The AI integrated start-up co-founded by Faithful Freeman, CEO, was inspired when he experienced difficulty ordering food due to his terrific busy schedule. Most foods when delivered were a case of ‘What I ordered vs. What I got’! 

When he eventually got a vendor whose food he approved of, he wished there was an opportunity to learn to prepare the dish with the vendor’s technique. “The search for food was painstakingly exhausting, boring, and too expensive. Delivery was another hassle.

I ended up ordering junk food on most occasions. I identified this as not just my problem but the problem a lot of food lovers with busy schedules faced. I wanted to create a fun space that connected great chefs, tutors, enthusiasts, and foodies together while also bridging the defunct delivery space with efficient delivery by qualified and intentional riders.” 

StoVoo also provides an in-app grocery store where users can shop for groceries of any recipe and have it delivered to them at their doorstep. Sackor Saydee, one of StoVoo’s co-founders and COO, thinks, “There’s an incomparable feeling of satisfaction you get knowing you can learn a recipe, purchase the ingredients right there and have it delivered at your specified location without hassle – all on the same platform.” 

StoVoo 1.0 is embedded with a good number of features that provide standard and emotional benefits. Some of which are:

  • – Personalized recommendations based on your food mood. 
  • – Schedule appointments and sessions. 
  • – Order groceries, food, and have them delivered to your doorstep. 
  • – Best of the best food from around the world 
  • – No more waiting in lines. No more traveling to get food. 
  • – Always available for the most delicious food. 
  • – Discover new cuisines & restaurants. 
  • – Explore new tastes, discover new flavors. 
  • – Learn from experts and build new skills. 
  • – Have a fun and interesting experience with a chef or a food vendor. 
  • – Be the first to try out new restaurants and food items. 
  • – Earn money with tutorials, cookbooks, recipe journals, or being a delivery rider. 
  • – Be healthy.

“The benefits of StoVoo are endless. There are other features you have to experience in-app to enjoy their benefits like the meal planning feature that helps you plan your meal routine 1 year ahead and the Food-for-Friend feature that lets you order for a loved one and have it delivered to their address.”, says Jesse Kobina Wallace, co-founder and the CMO of StoVoo.

From Faithful Freeman who co-founded a software consortium with clients like Adobe to Jesse Kobina Wallace, a digital media strategist that has worked with competitive brands like Range Rover, to Sackor Saydee an American logistics expert this team of founders possesses the knowledge and skills to effectively produce and manage a versatile platform like StoVoo that has come to disrupt the food-tech space.

If you’re in the food and technology space, StoVoo is definitely one to watch. This AI integrated start-up just launched a waiting list for a Beta test.

If you are located in any of the 12 countries set for global launch; as a food lover, private or commercial chef, vendor, delivery rider, and want to earn money from home, or you’re looking to learn more about StoVoo; enroll now with the link below: or you can send us an email via

You can also get acquainted with StoVoo on our socials by following @stovoo_hq on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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