Nigeria is blessed with creative and innovative human currency, a larger percentage of which are young people, but with its current socio-economic realities and the many bottlenecks that prevent them from fully expressing their creativity, you begin to wonder, “How will a regular young Nigerian become the next big face of Nollywood, or the next Fela Kuti of the Nigerian music industry, or the next big brand influencer in the country?” Perhaps the question on your mind is “how can I upgrade my skill set to land a job that will change my life and get me from where I am to where I want to be?”

I’m glad to announce to you that the answer is here and it is called “The Phoenix Project” – an initiative launched in April this year by Accelerate, Nigeria’s leading digital, lifestyle, and entertainment platform, to empower the next generation of creatives by bridging the gap between the knowledge they need and the opportunities required to succeed in the Nigerian creative and entertainment industry. 

The Phoenix Project is more than just another learning platform; it aims to address issues like: 

Youth Unemployment

According to statistics, Nigeria’s youth unemployment rate currently stands at 40%. While a larger percentage of this is caused by scarce job openings, many young Nigerians find it difficult to land a job due to skill deficiency. The Phoenix Project aims to lower the rate of youth unemployment in Nigeria and ensure that they are gainfully employed by providing them with the best knowledge they require to succeed in the creative industry. The program’s facilitators will expose creatives to top-tier education and provide them with the knowledge that will make them employable. 

Skills Enhancement and Acquisition

The Phoenix Project allows young Nigerians to hone their creative abilities to scale in their chosen field; refine and sharpen their talents, set their creativity free, and find expression in the creative industry. The Phoenix Project covers 12 knowledge areas such as Social Media for Business, Entertainment Law, Branding, Graphic Design, Becoming an Influencer, Introduction to Film, Scriptwriting, Business of Vlogging, Introduction to Songwriting, Introduction to Film Production, Business of Entertainment, and the Business of Fashion. The facilitators and tutors are industry experts, whose knowledge and experience will help you improve your current skills while you also learn new ones and establish yourself as a multi-faceted and creative individual.  Facilitators like award-winning actor/producer, Kemi Lala Akindoju; co-founder of Chocolate City, Paul Okeugo; Creative Director/Fashion Entrepreneur, Dapo Osaji; award-winning filmmaker, and Abba Makama, amongst others. 

Bridge the Knowledge Gap

As mentioned earlier, one of the major challenges this project was birthed to solve is skill deficiency among young Nigerians, and that is why the program is structured into three levels; beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The beginner level is virtually held on the Phoenix website and contains several hours of learning videos available for free.

The intermediate and advanced levels are paid but heavily subsidized by Access Bank and held physically at designated locations in collaboration with the School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University to give learners practical knowledge on courses that are in high demand but are scarce in several learning institutions across the country. 

Financial Independence

For many people, especially young entrepreneurs, a lack of financial resources is usually a major concern when it comes to skill acquisition. This is where the Phoenix Project comes in. Learners who have completed the advanced level of the program will be eligible for grants from the Phoenix Den – a phase of the program where high-achieving students can apply for grants, receive business coaching, and participate in internships with top Nigerian companies. As a result, the program provides you with the opportunity to establish yourself and become financially self-sufficient. 

The Phoenix Project is here to not only deliver holistic knowledge to young creatives but also to address factors that negatively affect their productivity, as evidenced by the above. 

The beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels are currently ongoing and are open to all interested learners. Take that bold step today and join this extraordinary learning platform by registering HERE.

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