When it comes to getting media coverage for startups, entrepreneurs have several options to increase brand visibility. Baden Bower head journalist Adrian John Ignacio says these options include writing press releases, SEO activities, paid marketing like Google Ads or promoting news on social media.

As seasoned entrepreneurs have discovered, businesses need to do something different to truly stand out in any industry.

Leverage Speaking Engagements

Some C-level executives value speaking engagements as these often lead to free mainstream media coverage. According to business analysts, many starting enterprises have witnessed breakthroughs and were able to cut the best deals with larger enterprises after their media exposure.

As I’ve observed in the past, startups that have done speaking events have reaped the benefits of gaining new contacts, connecting with the local press, getting bloggers’ coverage and having social media mentions,” says Ignacio.

Most entrepreneurs are under the impression that they need to be expert speakers to join such engagements. “Often, having an inspiring brand, product, service or founding story is enough to secure great media exposure that leads to various business opportunities,” adds Ignacio

Partner With PR Agencies

Media coverage for speaking engagements and other company events provides excellent exposure. But, it rarely happens. Startups need to be seen frequently to establish credibility and authority in whatever space they’re in.

This is why some entrepreneurs reach out to PR agencies to help with their media coverage, hoping to increase traffic and conversion rates. Unfortunately, not all PR firms succeed in developing and executing effective strategies.

Startups must be careful when choosing companies they work with to establish themselves as it’s a crucial stage, says Ignacio. “The safest route is to go with companies with established names while ensuring the firm they’re going for won’t overcharge them.”

The British Virgin Islands-based PR agency Baden Bower has recently gained the attention of several startups worldwide for its guaranteed publicity while charging only a fraction of the cost of most PR firms.

Depending on the needs, Baden Bower can achieve constant publication of news stories about any startup.  The firm is uniquely positioned to articulate a company’s message and reach the target audience. 

Ignacio thinks the way the company has designed its process flow and its low fees positions it as an ideal PR agency for startups. “Some of our clients have generated news stories with a global reach through some of the world’s most recognised publications,” adds Ignacio.

Some analysts are excited to see how Baden Bower will continue to change the industry as it’s poised to pioneer revolutionary methods to get publicity for its clients.

Ignacio believes collaborative work between the firm and the startup companies is the secret to its success in getting the stories out. “The relationship between startup and PR agency should not be passive. Clients should be prepared to provide the agency with all the information it needs to craft a compelling piece,” reveals Ignacio.  

Very few PR agencies, like Baden Bower, can promise outcomes. A good PR firm will assist clients in increasing their visibility by increasing recognition on as many reputable editorial platforms as possible.

While very few stories make the front page of the big guns like the New York Times, with guaranteed publication on top-tier websites that include online publications like Forbes and Apple News, magazines and other media, a good PR firm will help clients increase their visibility. 

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