On the quest to onboard over 100,000 ladies into Web3, Web3Ladies, the largest Web3 Community for ladies in Africa has announced a new partnership with Polygon, a leading blockchain technology company dedicated to creating a decentralized future. 

In the Web3 ecosystem today, women still have a disproportionate share of the workforce compared to men. The current narrative about Web3 space is that it is a men’s club. However, there’s still time to Steer the ship for more women to smash the narrative sown into our society’s fabric. And this is what the Partnership between Web3Ladies and Polygon hopes to achieve, with Polygon coming onboard as one of the major sponsors for her Cohort III mentorship, Web3Ladies will be able to offer quality trainings and mentor more ladies into Web3, taking a huge step forward from the 350 ladies mentored so far in their cohort I & II 

Speaking on the partnership, Enebeli Oluchi, founder, Web3Ladies said, “Web3Ladies is always excited about building relationships that can potentially impact her community of highly enthusiastic females in the Web3 space, which is why we launched the Web3Ladies mentorship program, and this partnership presents an opportunity for our Cohort III mentees to have access to high-quality trainings and mentorships which will provide leaders in the Web3 space. Beyond supporting ladies already in the tech industry, we believe this partnership will help us do more in the Web3 Community for ladies in Nigeria and Africa at large, as well as reflect Polygon’s readiness in transforming Africa’s tech industry through the blockchain”. 

The Developer Relations at Polygon, Shodipo Ayomide said “Education is key at the for-front of Polygon’s involvement in Africa and we are trying our best to support as many educational communities in the region as we can, and we are just getting started.” 

“We have started various initiatives across Africa with various partners. Seeing the work Web3Ladies is doing in Nigeria got us excited and we knew we just had to be part of it. We are looking forward to partnering with more companies/communities in the region” – Antoni Martin, Enterprise Lead at Polygon.

Speaking on the Web3Ladies achievements since launch, Oluchi mentioned; “As of now, the Web3Ladies community has over 13,000 members across different platforms, who are spread across different African countries, such as Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, etc, and 700 of the 816 women who applied to her current mentorship cohort (III) have been onboarded into the program. Polygon will work side by side with Web3Ladies as a sponsor of the program to provide mentors and a seamless digital learning experience for these ladies. 

The fact that partnerships like these are taking place in the Web 3 communities for ladies is a huge milestone for growth, and here’s to hoping that more collaborations take place in the future. 

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Our aim is to foster a community of excellent, passionate and groundbreaking ladies in the African Web3 space, who can work together, not only to challenge the status quo but also to create impactful open-sourced solutions in the Web3 space. To share in our mission to on-board the next 100,000 ladies with the technicality to thrive in the Web3 space over the next 3 years visit our official website here or say hi to us on twitter here

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