In line with its mission to transform the global tech ecosystem, Enyata Inc. recently announced their entrance into the North-American market, heralding intercontinental operations. This news follows their move and subsequent establishment in the Ghanaian market.

As part of a larger strategy to help define Enyata as a tech powerhouse in the global ecosystem, the event is largely aimed at providing end-to-end software products and engineering services to help businesses consolidate operations.

Founded in 2019, Enyata is rapidly becoming a success story—designed and built by a global pool of able talents. According to CEO, Oladayo Oyelade, “We are drawing inspiration from the millions of businesses set to transform the world around them. We want to help broaden the scope of impact around the world.”

To assist in the company’s sales strategy, Enyata hired Jeff Lawy, a business executive with over 21 years of success in tech, where he has developed & executed regional, national & international strategies across North America, Europe & Asia. 

In a statement, Jeff says, “I am excited to join a team of accomplished professionals who are not only bringing real value to their clients but also educating and empowering the next generation of technology leaders with Enyata’s Community & Academy programs. I have devoted my career to tech sales, and I am thrilled to now play a crucial role in expanding Enyata’s client and partner base. I look forward to contributing to Enyata’s continuous path of growth.

With around 130 employees nested across Africa, Enyata has been able to build solutions for companies like NIBSS, Moove, Kafene, Volley, Letshego, Kappa, FSI, and Whispa. Along with this, the company boasts a catalog of management software that they leverage to help enterprises better control their affairs. These are Instrail (Insurance Management System), Inventory by Enyata, and the HRMS (Human Resources Management System) by Enyata.

In Africa, they are also notable for their BuildUp and Academy initiatives that are helping thousands of talents grow within the tech community. 

In a post-COVID world where companies are forced to redefine what work means for them. This has forced innovations in technological and organizational structures – working remotely, distributed operations, telehealth, etc. This scenario offers a little optimism for dev shops like Enyata to work with businesses as technological partners.

As the world works its way into recovery, Enyata is working towards strategically positioning itself for bigger opportunities. Ultimately, Enyata hopes to become not only the preferred tech solution partner for startups and bigger corporations, but also the biggest business development provider in the world.

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