Do you remember the first time you rented a space? Maybe when you just moved to that new city for a new position, or when you started your journey into entrepreneurship and needed a small space in the mall for your lash business? Do you remember saving for your first rent and baulking at how wild the total package was? Are you saving for rent now? If you’re like most people earning a monthly salary, yearly rental payments can eat into your monthly budget, and far too often, too many needs are sacrificed for the sake of rent. Identifying this problem and wanting to ease that burden, Yahshud, a real estate company, has released its monthly rental solution, EaziRent.

EaziRent is a digital platform that offers an alternative rental solution to individuals and SMEs with flexible payment plans. Unlike typical real estate rentals where landlords ask for one or sometimes two years’ rent upfront, EaziRent is a platform that allows renters pay their rent as they earn monthly, freeing up cash usually saved up for rent, for other needs. How this works is that EaziRent pays your rent on your behalf, and you make monthly repayments to them. Renters can browse through the EaziRent platform for available apartments to start paying for monthly, or they can search for the most suitable accommodation outside the platform and connect EaziRent to the landlord. EaziRent pays the landlord while you pay EaziRent. 

Yahshud is a socially aware and environmentally concerned online real estate platform that offers alternative, ethical, sustainable, and transparent real estate solutions for stakeholders across the value chain. Its flagship product, EaziRent, is in line with this environmental, social and governance (ESG) focus. 

The_CPI and Inflation report from the National Bureau of Statistics showed that inflation in Nigeria reached 18.6% in June, an increase from 17.7% in the previous month. In a country where 4 in 10 people live below the poverty line, this means life is getting tougher for about 82 million Nigerians. With the typical yearly rental model in Nigeria, housing is going to be even more of an issue and a lot of Nigerians could greatly benefit from some form of housing relief. Focused on creating this relief is EaziRent. 

Renters using the platform have more flexibility with their finances, and this provides them with more flexibility with choices in general. One such choice is the ability to choose high-quality housing suitable for their budget and desires. EaziRent’s system allows renters to shuffle options when choosing apartments, until they find what they desire.

Landlords are often worried about recouping their investment capital which is what mainly drives yearly rent collection. EaziRent offers an insurance plan to tackle this. Investors on the platform covering rental charges are covered in the case of payment default from a renter.

How to use EaziRent

  • Visit the website,
  • Find a place: Choose an apartment from the available listings, or speak to EaziRent about any apartment you want to rent.
  • Application process: Complete the application process by submitting the required documents and information.
  • Schedule a visit: Pay a visit to your apartment of choice to ascertain its suitability for living.
  • Enjoy monthly payment: Move into your apartment and begin to enjoy seamless monthly payments.

To find more information about EaziRent, visit the Yahshud website here.

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