What is Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a cryptocurrency trading platform and moreover a portal to the crypto world for ordinary people. As an OG cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2012, Bitfinex has always been at the forefront of technological innovation in digital asset trading. Compared to the restrictions of bank transfers, cross-border transfers and transactions can be easily made within the Bitfinex exchange at any time. Bitfinex’s strategy focuses on delivering the best crypto trading experience for whales, professional traders, and investors who are looking to maximize privacy, security, and functionalities delivered through the word class of cutting-edge technology with a Lite version of the app that makes the trading experience fun and easy for beginner investors

Bitfinex is a top crypto exchange in the world, supporting trading in over 150 cryptocurrencies. It is also a pioneer in derivatives and margin trading for cryptocurrencies. In a bid to make transactions hassle-free for traders and give back to society. In addition to a suite of advanced trading features and charting tools, Bitfinex provides sophisticated features to fulfill the needs of professional traders, it has a long history, great reputation, and established exchange that has been tested and thriving in the ups and downs of the crypto markets and it is the leading exchange with top liquidity and huge volume.

A strategic alliance

Bitfinex, one of the cryptocurrency exchanges with the longest history, deepest liquidity, and most whales, in its intention to provide the best options to its users, together with Convergence has prepared a large Airdrop, of a total of 67,000,000 CONV Tokens, almost 3 BTC if we guide after its value to date, which began on August 25th and would end on November 2nd.

What is Convergence 

Convergence is a DeFi protocol that aims to democratize investments, making private markets public, in other words, it would serve as a bridge so that anyone can participate in investment rounds that would otherwise be closed. Conv is the platform they offer to raise funds and obtain exclusive investment opportunities in advance, in the form of tokens, in addition to the classic products of any DeFi platform (Staking, Swaps, Liquidity Pools, and more).

Currently, this type of strategic alliance is a way to visualize the most trusted actors in the cryptocurrency market. Both the project that receives the support and the exchange that serves as a boost must go through filters, the idea is that everything is adequate for the financial health of the users involved.

From the core value proposition of Convergence, there are many activities that can be executed with Bitfinex in the future, after all, Bitfinex also actively participates in closed investment rounds, which could raise capital through Convergence, offering the possibility of participating in quality investments to a greater number of users. Clearly, all this is speculative, both proposals are in fact compatible with each other, which makes the fact that there is space for these initial alliances even more important.

For now, Bitfinex is adding to its main qualities, the ability to promote projects that offer solutions to real problems, creating a positive scenario for the parties involved.

A reward within everyone’s reach!

CONVERGENCE and BITFINEX will Airdrop up to 6,700,000 (6.7 Million) tokens every week for accounts that hold a minimum eligible amount of CONV on the platform, this is equivalent to $10,000 US per week, for a total of 10 weeks. This is a total prize pool of 10k US dollars, more than 3 bitcoin in prize! The event rewards will be distributed proportionately on a weekly basis, based on the number of CONV TOKENS held in individual user exchange wallets at the time of the snapshot. The maximum payout of CONV tokens rewards is capped at 75,000 CONV per week per user 

Note that you are allowed to cash out or trade CONV TOKENS, but eligibility is only valid if a user has at least 5000 CONV tokens in their exchange wallet. To participate you only need to hold a minimum of 5,000 CONV in your exchange wallet, which would be equivalent to about 5 US dollars, these can be obtained directly from Bitfinex without major inconveniences, since having the tokens in your wallet, all you have to do is hold for a chance to win. It should be noted that the maximum payment of the CONV token rewards would be 75,000 CONV per week per user, meaning that the maximum that a user could earn in the entire event would be 750,000 CONV.

In order to receive this reward, you must pass the Bitfinex Basic Plus Verification level, something quite simple, upload a photo of your ID, a selfie, and your phone number, and in a very short time, the Bitfinex team will approve your verification. This Competition is only available to users who are at least 18 years of age and are not Prohibited Person or a U.S person

Is it worth participating?

Airdrops are a very attractive way of presenting a project to the market, in fact, they are quite common in the ecosystem; however, on this occasion, Bitfinex together with Convergence (in terms of valuation) is offering a large sum, the total amount of the airdrop would be equivalent to more than 4% of the total currency of the project, enough to be extremely desirable; however, not so much to exert a negative force on its price, since the token has a market volume of more than 200,000 dollars per day.

Bear markets like the current one are often an opportunity for the savvy investor, typically this focuses on getting crypto at a low price to take profits in the next bull cycle; however, airdrops are also an opportunity to add to portfolios with fairly low risk.

At the moment, Bitfinex is the exchange with the most airdrops, prizes, and community events. attracting in a very seductive way those who want to profit from this market, adjusting the incentives in a quite functional way, because, on one hand, it offers the opportunity to generate an income passively, and in the background, it offers different options to use these profits on other investments.

Final Thoughts 

Many exchanges are known to crash or go offline when volumes increase or price moves fast, but Bitfinex is a reliable exchange that has proven records during the ups and downs in the crypto markets for the past decade, regardless of the buying and selling pressure. Bitfinex is known for its robust service in all market environments, and this is why Bitfinex is the number one choice for crypto investors who pay close attention to the security of their own investments. 

Bitfinex is launching a different giveaway and airdrop campaign per month minimum, one of which is the Convo take over, With one more takeover in September, and in October they will be working all month with tokens from a single ecosystem, with more takeovers in the pipeline.

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