A journey gets easier when you have someone who is experienced in the field to make things easy for you. The same is applicable to those in the financial sector, that’s why i-invest is giving its customers an advisor in the form of a virtual assistant to support them on a 24/7 basis.

Kudi is a smart bot that attends to queries in real-time and helps investors on their journey to financial freedom. Aside from the regular sending of emails on financial tips and basic internal tasks Kudi does, what’s new is that she’s now available on all your favorite platforms to make your experience better and to foster healthy investment habits with her quick and witty nuggets.

To mention a few, Kudi will serve as your first contact to give financial tips, chat with an online audience, and answer customer questions 24/7.

With Kudi as an advisor for their users, i-invest hopes to provide better services for you with a personalized touch that exudes that  “my investment company and I” feeling.

To enjoy a smooth investment experience, you can download the i-invest app on google play or apple store or visit their Instagram page @iinvestng.

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