From its humble beginnings as a tech blog in Lagos in 2013 to becoming one of Africa’s most respected tech publishers, TechCabal’s growth has been exceptional – an important voice in the tech media landscape. We’ve covered the stories of triumph and failure in Africa’s tech ecosystem in ways that have seen us lead the conversation around the continent’s development.

We’ve traced the highs than lows and embraced positivity in the wake of the challenges facing millions in Africa. Along the way, we’ve empowered many start-ups to tell their stories, recruited the best journalism and business talent on the continent, and had the most fun building a credible media company that will blaze a trail into the next decade. Come with us as we track TechCabal’s 10-year journey with this timeline.

What’s in a name?

Why TechCabal?

The name TechCabal has a short backstory. It arose out of a conversation tech blogger Bankole Oluwafemi had with his co-founder, Seyi Taylor, a businessman who had a company called Big Cabal. The name stuck, and the rest (as they say in the classics) is history.


TechCabal is born

Using his wonky Nokia E63 phone, TechCabal co-founder Bankole Oluwafemi publishes a story that would become known as the first story ever published on TechCabal.


TechCabal Battlefield launched

TechCabal Battlefield changed the trajectory of the publication. It was one of the first tech startup competitions in Africa, with the largest prize money at the time: $20,000


TechCabal becomes one of the most influential tech blogs in West Africa

By 2015, TechCabal had become the biggest and most influential technology blog in the West Africa region, attracting the best journalism and business talent in Africa.


TC Daily Newsletter launches

A daily tech newsletter is launched as “TechCabal Daily” and proves to be a hit with readers. It explores the tech news of the day in a more personal way that resonates with readers, by telling them all the need to know.


Radar by TechCabal launches

In May 2016 TechCabal launched Radar, an online chat forum where tech people debated and asked critical questions about the tech ecosystem.


TechCabal 2.0 – Aladekomo arrives

Tomiwa Aladekomo becomes CEO of Big Cabal Media, taking over from Bankole Oluwafemi and Seyi Taylor. It was at this point that the business came of age and saw its first real fundraising round, which allowed it to increase its capacity and hire more talent in all departments.


TechCabal turns 5

Before long, TechCabal turns 5 years old, slowly establishing itself as a publication to be reckoned with.


Tech Women Lagos

TechCabal hosts a portrait series and exhibition of tech women in Lagos.


TechCabal Insights launches

Lanre Odunowo, reporter and analyst at TechCabal, is appointed to lead a new data and events arm of TechCabal: TC Insights


The Next Wave Newsletter launches

TechCabal launches a new newsletters aimed at C-suite professionals, called The Next Wave. Distributed on a Sunday, it details the latest trends and developments that affect CEOs and founders in the tech economy.


January: TC 3.0 launches with a new website and a new team.

A new year and a new website as well as new faces. TechCabal begins to pick up steam and expands its team.


TC hosts first Ecosystem Hangout

We love to hang out with the cool kids, so TechCabal organised Ecosystem Hangouts with the industry’s movers and shakers, helping us stay in touch with everything that is happening in the space. Catch us at the next one!


Future of Commerce launches

In 2021 TechCabal launched what has become one of our most popular events, Future of Commerce. Here business leaders, experts, and operators discussed how social media, payments, and logistics are powering the growth of Africa’s commerce. They were joined by over 5,000 players and enthusiasts across Africa, virtually and in-person.


The Next Wave TV show launches on CNBC Africa

The Next Wave is a CNBC Africa show produced by TechCabal. It seeks to explore the business and impact of technology across Africa, highlight how big tech and the fastest-growing startups are changing the continent, and decipher who the key players are as well as what’s driving their growth and strategic approaches.


TC Daily reaches 100,000 subscribers

What started as a humble newsletter in 2016 is now a fully fledged TechCabal property, attracting advertisers, sponsors and voices clambering to be included.


TechCabal shifts into a new decade

As part of our ambitious pan-African expansion plans for 2023, TechCabal appoints experienced South African journalist Adrian Ephraim as Editor-in-Chief and Olumuyiwa Olowogboyega as Newsroom Editor. Other appointments to our new-look editorial team include the introduction of two senior editors and a deputy newsroom editor, along with some senior reporter appointments.

Adrian Ephraim Editor-in-Chief

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