It was an evening of stimulating conversations and fine dining, as QoreID, a prominent digital identity and consumer analytics company, hosted key stakeholders from Nigeria’s tech and startup communities to an exclusive dinner in Lagos.

Esigie Aguele, the chief host of the event and Co-founder/CEO of QoreID, a VerifyMe Company, expressed that the purpose of the gathering was to establish connections with key players in Nigeria’s tech startup ecosystem and gain insights on their onboarding, profiling, and compliance challenges.

Esigie emphasized, “A robust KYC framework is crucial for startups to scale, achieve compliance, and safeguard their operating environment against threats like fraud. At QoreID, we recognize that each sector faces unique challenges, which is why we deemed it necessary to understand the issues within the ecosystem, in order to continue to proffer fit-for-purpose solutions.” 

He further stated, “While we remain committed to deploying innovative solutions that deliver critical identity and consumer insights to corporations, this occasion provides a relaxed setting for us to receive valuable feedback and exchange ideas with industry operators to determine the best way forward.”

The exclusive dinner brought together a distinguished gathering of over 30 senior executives representing a wide range of sectors. Additionally, six members from the QoreID team were present, adding their expertise and insights to the event.

QoreID, launched in 2022, has positioned itself as a leading Regtech company, providing “Data as a Service” to diverse industries, empowering them to expand their operations and tap into new markets. Currently operational in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya, QoreID has plans to extend her reach to other regions across the continent.

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