Bamboo is a Tiger Global-backed Nigerian investment startup that enables users to buy and trade US stocks in real-time from their mobile phones or computers. The startup also facilitates investments in ETFs, mutual funds, or fixed-income products.

Since its launch in 2020, Bamboo has announced $19.4 million in VC investment from investors like Greycroft, Tiger Global, Motley Fool Ventures, Saison Capital, Chrysalis Capital, and Y-Combinator’s Michael Seibel.

The co-founders are Richmond Bassey and Yanmo Omorogbe.  Bassey steers the ship as CEO, focusing on the long-term vision and strategic direction of the company. Richmond Bassey CEO. His direct reports aside from Omorogbe,  chief operating officer (COO),  include George Imoedemhe, head of product & engineering, and  Dubai-based Oleg Medvedev who is head of design.  Meanwhile, Omorogbe, chief operating officer (COO), is in charge of the company’s day-to-day operations.

All team leads: Damilola Akinyemi (head of finance), Ebi Wanapere (head of platform), Jennnifer Abah (head of customer experience), Misan Omagbitse (head of people), and Oluwakemi Idowu (head of legal) report directly to her.

This TechCabal Org Chart details Bamboo’s leadership.

Bamboo leadership

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