Live casino tournaments have become a major innovation in the world of online gambling as players get a chance to play for real money and win big prizes and bonuses. These events are based on the combination of live dealer games, that is the games that mimic real life as much as possible and tournament games. In this article, the author examines the concept of live casino tournaments focusing on the aspect of their popularity, various categories of tournaments, tactics and the influence on the sphere of online gambling.

Why Live Casino Tournaments Are Popular

Live casino tournaments are a combination of entertainment, competition and communication that cannot be compared with some other types of online casino games. Players are drawn to these tournaments for several reasons:

  • Real-Time Competition: While the other games offered in online casinos are played against the computer, live casino tournaments are played by people. There is also a rivalry that is important in the game because people would want to prove their competence and outshine their competitors to advance in the rank.
  • Social Interaction: Almost all live casino tournaments have a live chat option where the players can discuss with other players and the dealer. This social factor assists in generating the feeling that people are in this together and therefore increases the enjoyment and the success of the process.
  • Big Prizes and Rewards: A large amount of cash prizes and bonuses are also offered in live casino tournaments. Such events are often characterized by large rewards where the winners are rewarded with wealth. Also, there are other incentives like bonuses payable in tournaments, free spins and ante-post to future tournaments among others.
  • Skill-Based Play: Although, the element of luck cannot be entirely excluded in the course of playing any casino games, live casino tournaments focus more on the players’ skill and technique. These are tournaments that tend to be popular with experienced gamblers because they are the ones who can make good decisions when the situation changes.

Common Live Casino Tournaments

Live casino tournaments are available in different types and each one of them has a different approach to the gameplay. Some of the most popular types include:

  1. Live Blackjack Tournaments: These tournaments involve the players playing live blackjack at the table and the players aim to collect as many chips as they can in a particular number of rounds or a particular time duration. The player standing at the top of the chip pile at the end of the tournament is the winner.
  2. Live Roulette Tournaments: Roulette tournaments online only really require the player to get as many winnings as possible in a certain number of spins or within a specific time. Betting strategies and a bit of luck will be needed for the players to defeat their rivals and get higher ranks on the leaderboard.
  3. Live Poker Tournaments: Popular and common live poker games like Texas Hold’em are a major part of live casino games. Each winner of a hand wins an agreed number of chips and this is done over several hands. The game is on until one of the players has all the chips or until the remaining number of players reaches to a certain limit.
  4. Live Baccarat Tournaments: In the case of live baccarat tournaments, the goal of the players is to obtain the most significant chip stack in the course of some rounds. As in blackjack and roulette tournaments, the players have to use their skills and some luck to win at baccarat tournaments.

Crypto Casinos: Improving the Live Casino Tournaments

The appearance of a crypto live casino has brought a revolution in live casino tournaments. These platforms are based on the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which create a safe, transparent and decentralized system that increases the value of live tournaments. Thus, the number of visitors to crypto casinos is increasing because of the enthusiasts of new technologies and supporters of cryptocurrency, who appreciate the anonymity of transactions, low fees and fast processing of the operations. They are allowed to play in live casino tournaments with popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many others, make bets and withdraw their winnings. Through the incorporation of blockchain technology, live tournaments are made fair and transparent since all transactions and the game results are saved on the blockchain.


Live casino tournaments are an innovative and fast-growing concept in the sphere of online casinos and gambling. By incorporating the excitement of the live dealer games with the spirit of the tournaments, the latter presents an interesting experience to the players. As a result of big prizes, social contact and the element of skill, live casino tournaments are still a popular trend. Looking into the future, it is possible to anticipate further development and more excitement in the sphere of live casino games. The growth of crypto casinos only enhances this experience, giving people a chance to really experience safe and secure gambling.

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