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The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is essential for anyone using banking services in Nigeria. It helps secure financial transactions and ensures your identity is protected. If you need to get your BVN number, here are five practical methods, especially if you can’t access the popular USSD option due to a SIM card loss or damage. 

1. Get BVN through your bank’s mobile app

If you use a mobile banking app provided by your bank, you can easily access your BVN number there. Log into your mobile banking app and find that part tagged in your profile or account information section. Most banks have a dedicated tab that displays your 11-digit BVN. This method is secure and provides easy access if you frequently use mobile banking services.

2. Online banking platforms

For those who prefer using a desktop or laptop, online banking platforms offer another way to get your BVN. Log into your bank’s online portal and go to your account settings or personal information section. Here, you should find your BVN listed. 

3. Visit your local bank branch to get your BVN number

Lastly, you can always visit your local bank branch to get your BVN. Head to the customer service desk and request your BVN. You may need to provide identification and account details for verification. While this method may take more time compared to digital options, it is a reliable way to ensure you get your BVN number accurately.

4. NIBSS portal

The Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) provides an online platform to verify and retrieve your BVN. Visit the NIBSS BVN portal, input your bank details, and follow the prompts to get your BVN number. This is a centralised and authoritative source for BVN information.

5. NIMC centres

You can also get your BVN number from the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) centres. Visit any NIMC centre with your identification documents, and they can assist in retrieving your BVN. This is especially helpful if you are handling other identity-related tasks at NIMC.

Final thoughts on how to get/retrieve your BVN without your phone number 2024

Knowing how to get your BVN number is essential for smooth banking operations and financial security in Nigeria in 2024. Whether you choose to use the USSD code, a mobile banking app, an online banking platform, visit your local bank branch, the NIBSS portal, or a NIMC centre, each method offers a solution. Ensure you keep your BVN accessible, as it is vital for various banking and governmental processes.

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