Imagine this: You’re heading to an important meeting, and as you pull out your phone to check  the address one last time, it slips from your grasp and crashes onto the pavement. The screen  shatters, and your heart sinks. This is the reality for many Nigerians who rely on their  smartphones daily, but now there’s a game-changer on the horizon. 

Meet John, a young professional in Lagos who, like many of us, depends heavily on his  smartphone for work, communication, and staying connected with loved ones. When John’s  phone screen shattered, he faced the daunting task of repairing or replacing his device. This all-too-common scenario is why Scrella, an innovative Insurtech firm founded by visionary  entrepreneur Gbenga Adigun, is set to revolutionize device insurance in Nigeria. 

Scrella Set to Revolutionize Device Insurance with Innovative Technologies 

Scrella is proud to announce its upcoming launch, poised to redefine the device insurance  landscape in Nigeria. Understanding the diverse needs of modern consumers, Scrella offers a  seamless and inclusive insurance solution for smartphones, leveraging cutting-edge technology  to enhance accessibility and convenience for all. 

Key Features of Scrella’s Insurance Solutions: 

Remote Device Inspection: Scrella enables customers to remotely complete device  inspections using advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. This feature ensures  that obtaining insurance is hassle-free, efficient, and secure, eliminating the need for physical  inspections and reducing the time and effort required for policy approval. 

No-Appearance Sign-Up: With Scrella’s innovative no-appearance sign-up process, customers  can obtain insurance coverage without the need for in-person visits or lengthy paperwork. This  user-friendly approach streamlines the insurance acquisition process, making it accessible to  everyone, regardless of location or schedule. 

Comprehensive Coverage: Whether it’s a brand-new purchase or a trusted device in use,  Scrella offers insurance for both new and in-use smartphones. This comprehensive coverage  provides peace of mind to all device owners, ensuring protection against potential damages. 

Driving Financial Inclusion: At the core of Scrella’s mission is a commitment to financial  inclusion. By offering affordable and comprehensive device insurance solutions, Scrella  empowers individuals from all income tiers to protect their valuable devices. This dedication to  inclusivity ensures that everyone, from students to professionals, can benefit from reliable  insurance coverage without financial strain.

Founder’s Vision 

“Scrella was born out of a desire to create an insurance service that truly serves the needs of all  income earners,” said Gbenga Adigun, Founder and CEO of Scrella. “Our innovative approach  combines technology and accessibility to offer a solution that is not only efficient but also  inclusive. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to protect their devices and  their investments, and Scrella is here to make that a reality.” 

Join the Future of Device Insurance 

Scrella’s official launch is set for the first week in July 2024, and we are excited to welcome  customers to experience the future of device insurance.  

For more information and to stay updated on the latest developments, join our waitlist at and follow Scrella on social media: 

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