Smartcomply is proud to announce the launch of Vsecure, a groundbreaking new feature designed to help cybersecurity consultants and virtual Chief Information Security Officers (vCISOs) manage their clients security and compliance seamlessly and efficiently in one centralised platform.

As the cybersecurity industry evolves, the complexity of managing numerous clients and their security needs can become overwhelming. To address this, Smartcomply has introduced Vsecure, a comprehensive client management tool integrated directly into the Smartcomply platform.

Vsecure is designed to simplify client management, enhance communication, and boost overall productivity for cybersecurity professionals.

Key Features of Vsecure:

Centralised Client Database: Vsecure enables cybersecurity consultants and vCISOs to store and access all client information in one place, ensuring that crucial data is always easily accessible.

Risk Assessment and Management: Vsecure provides tools for conducting thorough risk assessments and managing mitigation plans, helping professionals stay ahead of potential security threats.

Compliance Tracking: The platform includes features for tracking compliance with various industry standards and regulations, ensuring that all client systems remain compliant.

Enhanced Communication Tools: Vsecure includes advanced communication features that facilitate smooth and efficient interactions between cybersecurity consultants, vCISOs, and their clients.

Customizable Dashboard: The intuitive dashboard can be tailored to fit the unique needs of each consultant or vCISO, offering a user-friendly experience that adapts to various business models.

Why Choose Vsecure?

Efficiency: Vsecure consolidates all client management tasks into one platform, saving cybersecurity consultants and vCISOs time and resources.

Productivity: By streamlining processes and enhancing organisation, Vsecure helps professionals operate more effectively and focus on growth.

User-Friendly: Vsecure is designed to be easy to use, even for those who may not be tech-savvy.

“We are thrilled to introduce Vsecure as a new feature on Smartcomply, said Amara Ajalla, VP, of Engineering at Smartcomply. Our goal is to empower cybersecurity consultants and vCISOs with the tools they need to manage their clients more effectively, and we believe Vsecure will make a significant impact in achieving that.”

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About Smartcomply

Smartcomply is an automated and AI-powered cybersecurity and compliance platform leading in Nigeria, with presence in the USA, and East Africa offering comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance solutions for businesses.

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