Yellow Card, a leading pan-African Fintech company has announced an exciting new partnership with Chowdeck, one of Nigeria’s foremost food delivery services. This collaboration, dubbed the “Chow Well with Yellow Card” campaign, aims to offer valuable food vouchers to Nigerian customers, making their lives easier and more enjoyable as the country goes through an economic transition.

The “Chow Well with Yellow Card” campaign will reward 10 Yellow Card customers each week for 4 weeks with Chowdeck food vouchers worth 20,000 NGN. To qualify, customers must carry out a transaction worth at least 140,000 NGN for the week on the Yellow Card platform. This campaign demonstrates Yellow Card’s consideration of its customers, allowing them to not only perform transactions with ease but also ease the burden of satisfying the daily need of feeding.

Yellow Card is the largest and first licensed Stablecoin on/off-ramp on the African continent, and provides easy, secure, and cost-effective methods to buy and sell stablecoins and send money across borders. Chowdeck, on the other hand, is leading innovation in food delivery, making it a household name in Nigeria’s food delivery market. 

Participating in the “Chow Well with Yellow Card” campaign is straightforward; customers need to transact at least 140,000 NGN weekly on the Yellow Card platform. Forty random customers who meet these criteria in the next 4 weeks, will receive a 20,000 NGN food voucher each, redeemable on the Chowdeck app. 
By combining financial transactions with food rewards, Yellow Card is not only driving platform engagement but also providing meaningful support to its customers. This highlights the company’s innovative approach to customer engagement and its dedication to improving the lives of its customers in Nigeria. Visit the Yellow Card platform here to get started and stand a chance to win your Chowdeck voucher this week.

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