You are reading Factsheet, our series of specific guides on experiencing and using technology platforms in Africa. Whether you are looking for knowledge on getting your African film on Netflix, raising a seed round or finishing an online design course, we are covering all that. — Andela has started hiring senior software engineering talent as […]


Tech talent training startup Decagon closed its physical offices last week Monday. Students who lived in its boarding house had vacated the previous weekend with the hassle typical of short-notice evacuation. Staff have been working 100% remotely since then. The startup’s business is time-bound in a unique way. Cohorts of developers have to be trained […]


The ‘deca’ in Decagon signals a ten-year ambition to make Nigeria a globally envied hub for software engineering talent. It’s neither novel nor disruptive as far as mission statements go. Founded in 2018, the tech talent development company “is probably the least innovative thing I have done,” Chika Nwobi, Decagon’s founder and CEO, tells me.  […]

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