Digital Banking


The idea that a bank can be wholly digital is unrelatable and unremarkable to most Africans for two reasons.  About 66% of African adults are not banked. Whenever they ask for an account over the counter, they are referred to the customer service contract staff who requests certain credentials the user may not have.  Secondly, […]


In the days before smartphones, the relationship between banks and technology companies in Nigeria used to be that the latter built platforms while the former offered services.  Companies like Interswitch and Systemspecs are forerunners of today’s fintech boom, helping banks receive payments and extend services across platforms in the first decade of the 2000’s. Today, […]

The BackEnd explores the product development process in African tech. We take you into the minds of those who conceived, designed and built the product; highlighting product uniqueness, user behaviour assumptions and challenges during the product cycle. — Ever wondered why two digital products offering the exact same services go off on two wildly different […]

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