Contrary to what I’ve heard said, I didn’t found TechCabal. That honor belongs to Bankole. But we share a common vision for Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

We believe that technology is transforming our lives and will continue to do so in ways previously unimagined

The friend whose business took off when she put her goods on
The Nigerian in the UK who discovered an unlimited number of Nollywood movies via IrokoTV.
The remarkable convenience of buying airtime at 1 a.m. with TopUp Genie.

The business that stanched their losses by using Paga to collect cash.

The stories are too many to count. Our startups are changing the way we live for the better. But we have a long way to go. Funding is still scarce, our best minds don’t automatically think of tech startups when they look for employment or business opportunities and internet penetration is still in its infancy.

Yet we have hope.

We believe that the world bends itself to the will of unreasonable men (and women) and we join our colleagues in bending Nigeria’s inefficiencies and idiosyncrasies to our will – our will to create a better world for all of us.

That is why TechCabal is partnering with Social Media Week Lagos, Stanbic IBTC, Jobberman, VC4Africa, Memeburn, Ebony Life TV, Capital Square and Etisalat to give a deserving startup a star prize of $10,000 in the inaugural edition of TechCabal Battlefield.

This is not an investment, this is a prize. You don’t have to part with any equity. Just prove that you’re the best.

We’re looking for the Next Big Startups – the ones who’ll make the Top 10 lists and inspire the community to more acts of bravery. If you’re one of the startups working to make a difference in the life of Nigerians, if you believe you can be the Next Big Startup in Nigeria, apply now.

Let’s change the world together.

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