Konga And GTBank Launch Cardless Payments Feature For Online Shoppers


TL:DR – Konga and GTBank are doing an end-run around debit cards and Interswitch, at least for GTBank customers that shop on Konga.

Long version –

Konga and GTBANK have just turned on a very interesting payments feature. At checkout, Konga shoppers who use GTBank Internet banking can elect to not use their cards. Instead, they can now use the new “GTPay” option.

Selecting this option launches the GTBANK Internet banking platform in a modal window. The user logs in, selects which account they want to debit and authorises the transaction in exactly the way they would an ordinary GTBank Internet banking ttansfer.

Apparently, this was Konga’s idea, and they have been working on it for some time. The idea itself is data-driven. More than half of Konga shoppers use GTBank cards, as I have confirmed from a Konga representative.

The move is win-win, but the potential biggest winner here is GTBank. Although measured, there is nothing to suggest that it is exclusive to Konga, and there is nothing stopping them from rolling this out to to other merchants.

More about that in another post. Here’s an infographic that shows how Konga GTPay cardless works.



  • Seyi Taylor says:

    This is phenomenal. I hope that GTBank will eventually launch a “Pay with GTBank” button that startups can use on the web and in mobile apps. Insane stuff. Well done GTBank and Konga!

    • Tola says:

      Phenomenal enough to alienate potential customers like me with a bank account at Ojota Co-operative Bank? Or maybe I can convince my bank to have a similar button too then startups can have 60 different “Pay with Thine Bank” buttons so that they are widely acceptable and not elitist.

      • Seyi Taylor says:

        GTBANK has the largest number of internet banking customers in Nigeria. Hence phenomenal. All local payment options suck now. Less friction is better for customers.

        • Tola says:

          So with my bank account at Ojota Co-operative Bank, I do not deserve to be one of Konga’s customers with “Less friction”? Hmm… Anyways, maybe I was expecting a scalable solution to be phenomenal and not just an elitist work-around hack with monopolistic tendencies. After all, its a free country and we are all entitled to varying levels of expectations 🙂

  • Stanley Ojadovwa says:

    This is really great. Imagine if they can extend it to startups and allow recurring billing. What are they waiting for? Let it roll!

    • Paul says:

      That recurring angle is where the scoop is. Many things are waiting on a rollout of recurring billing solution for startups powered by a trusted payment institution such as Gtbank.

  • Tola says:

    And when Konga’s Magento gets hacked, the Russian boys will be smiling all the way to the bank…Yay!

    • Adedeji Opoola says:

      Funny you think hacking konga would equate hacking gtbank. Sure you should be on techcabal?

      • Tomi Hassan says:

        lol .. bro but nothing is unhackable :-/ what do u say about icloud 😀

      • unkn0wn says:

        LOL. Learner all the Russian boys need is lame money mules.

        Site gets hacked since konga never stores the login details ( I believe they pass the payment parameters in encrypted url to the bank and the bank process it.)

        In a case that konga gets hacked by russian hacker they creates a fake payment page still inside konga and give a ridiculous discount for a product and maybe also feature the product on the front page.
        Gullible users rush in and input their banking id and password, Russian hackers waiting for alerts over jabber or xmpp quickly gets the alerts and also maybe users token twice. They quickly login via a socks proxy in nigeria and use automated bots to instantly transfer money to the mule using the same token that was previously collected.

        Mule is insturcted to transfer the money via WU to Russia and mule gets a cut.
        Mule gets arrested.

        • Tola says:

          @disqus_3xk1wzto9W:disqus – Thanks a lot for a perfect answer to a **clearing my throat** question. Now @adedejiopoola:disqus, the ball is now in your court – “Sure you should be on techcabal?”

        • Prince Oluwasegun Abisagbo says:

          Oh my! This is so possible especially as Konga doesnt take SSL seriously…We shouted dem no hear… Maybe they would when such happens..
          I use GTB and its a useless bank in innovation for startups…give us an API they will be telling you stories …smh

          Hopefully a bank will step up and take GTB’s place

        • Sola F. says:

          No… this is a stupid scenario. The same can be done with card payments to steal your card information. Paying this way is actually more offers more security than paying with your card.

  • seun says:

    GTBank famous for protecting itself while exposing their customers.

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