Nigerians on Twitter react to Uber’s expansion into Abuja

We announced yesterday that Uber has opened up their service to Abuja residents and they are offering 6 days worth of free rides to mark the launch. Of course, the move was hardly a surprise and I’ve been wondering exactly what the game-plan is. Literally the only thing cheap over there is transportation and asides from that, the public transport system is pretty much as organised as it gets in this part of the world.

Basically, Abuja appears to be a healthy young man that does not need Dr. Uber. We asked Twitter users what they thought and the results were…interesting.

Some people were excited at the news…

I can totally relate…*heads to dry cleaner because I cannot be bothered to wash white shirts*

…somebody’s…excited. (._. )

Yes, please.

Well, someone’s…hungry (._. )


Some people have been living under a rock…

…and I’m even not talking about Dwayne Johnson.

Some people think they’ll have to bring their prices waaay lower

Looks like they don’t have enough drivers yet…

It makes sense to use Uber in Abuja for long trips like the airport, but not much else.

Well, this is an interesting way to look at it…

It’s still not clear to me what Uber’s strategy is but hey, they’re the experts. Not me. Not you. Not Donald Trump. We’ll see how it all turns out after a few months.

Fingaz crozzed.