Gaming is where it’s at these days. Leti Arts, a MEST Ghana-backed startup has released the first issue in a digital comic book series and mobile game titled “The True Ananse”. The series is a contemporary reimagining of the ancient tale of the African trickster god that are said to originate from the Ashanti culture in Ghana.

Caught in a web of lies and deceit, Kweku Ananse was cast from the realm of immortals and imprisoned on Earth. For centuries he has brooded, plotting his return to the heavens, until one unsuspecting boy crosses his path.

legends The True Ananse is but the first installment of a larger Africa Legends series, which as you can see are filled with spandex-wearing, visored superheroes. For distribution, Leti Arts has gone the platform route. Instead of releasing standalone apps, their comics and games will be bundled into a downloadable compendium called the Leti Center. Users will be notified of new titles and updates via push notifications. The first issue of The True Ananse is free to download. However, the emphasis on “free” suggests that subsequent editions in the series might attract a fee. The game and comic series is available on on Android via Google Play and via direct download for Java devices. Windows Phone, Nokia and iOS versions are said to be on the way.

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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