Swift 4G LTE is Down.

Customers across the Lagos metropolis are reporting widespread outages to their Swift 4G LTE service across the Lagos metropolis.  Swift hasn’t yet explained why this is so and customers took to Twitter to lament their inability to use the service this morning.

The service outage reportedly started during last night’s rain and has not been restored to many areas.  Swift has recently been dealing with a number of complaints from customers about their “4G LTE” service which has reportedly slowed down significantly since launch.  In spite of this, Swift seems to be the dominant consumer internet brand in the Lagos market.  Could the launch of Smile Networks in Lagos may threaten that dominance in the face of these challenges?  Time will tell.






  • El_Komo says:

    I don’t understand how you believe SWIFT will suddenly change its stripes. Move to MTN’s Hynet for those who really have a business to run.

    • ayo Dawodu ♛ says:

      Haha. Swift “4G LTE” I agree with you El.

      There was no reason to switch to LTE…
      They did not deliver on the Quality of service on the “4G” why would they on the LTE?

      As people moved in droves to the “LTE”, some of us remained knowing that “4G” network would be less congested.

      The good old swift is “reliable” I must say.

      MTN… can’t bank on them.. what are the rates though?

  • Chris Micheals says:

    Dear TechCabal Team,

    Could you please continue following this story and keep us updated on the outcome? Thanks.

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