This past week has been no doubt a roller coaster for celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji, considering her most recent copyright debacle led to the taking down of her website by Google. But she promised to be back.

And get a new site, she did.

Around 9 PM last night, Linda Ikeji posted links to a new (thankfully) self-hosted WordPress site – – the mouthful of a URL obviously in defiance to the “real owners”of her more favourable domain names. And she apparently opted for the same look-and-feel of her original Blogger website.


However, it appears she might have jumped the gun because, barely 3 hours later, she tweeted these:

That’s right, it appears Google has reinstated Linda Ikeji’s Blog, barely 24 hours after taking it down on plagiarism claims. She immediately resumed blogging on her original platform, beginning with publishing her side of the Mr AyeDee vs Linda Ikeji story.

Questions running through my mind now are; Will she continue blogging full-time on there, especially as she is now more aware of the risks of building her million-dollar business on a free blogging platform? What happens to the self-hosted WordPress site she already had built? And what lessons has Linda Ikeji learnt about the cyberspace in the past week?

Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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