NigerianFoods.com is an online platform where consumers of Nigerian delicacies in the diaspora, specifically the United States, can order their preferred Nigerian foodstuff and condiments.

Getting Nigerian foodstuff through customs abroad can be a tedious task and Nigerians often have the hardest time of it. NigerianFood.com appears to be just what is needed, as consumers of Nigerian food abroad would have no cause to worry about how to get food items through customs or other regulatory bodies. The platform offers the ease of ordering Nigerian foodstuff at your convenience, with their delivery service extending to all 50 US states.

NigerianFoods brings to mind the same feeling of nostalgia that services like iROKOtv exploit. iROKOtv is most popular amongst diasporan audiences who experience home via Nollywood. In the same way, Nigerian foods brings a taste of home to Nigerians abroad with Nigerian foodstuff delivered to their homes.

NigerianFoods’ expanding shopping catalogue currently includes flour & grains, herbs & spices, vegetables & soups, canned supplies & oils, drinks and other necessities


The price quotation of items on Nigerianfoods.com is in multiples of their cost at home, a good example is the price of Indomie noodles (75g) which goes for #60 in Nigeria and $1.49 USD on Nigeriafoods.com. On the other hand, maybe Nigerianfoods might be cheaper than the local vendors at “Africa Stores” abroad. Plus they do delivery.

Photo Credit: IITA Image Library via Compfight cc

Lulu Fadoju Author

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