There has been a change in the mantle of leadership at the African network service provider and ICT enabler, Seacom, according to a press release on their website.

Bryon Clatterbuck was appointed a year after former CEO, Mark Simpson, resigned due to personal reason. Seacom

founder and executive director Brian Herlihy acted as CEO in the interim.

Bryon, who joined the company in 2012, was saddled with the responsibility for driving growth revenue from service providing customers in Africa and across the globe. He also an industry veteran with over 18 years experience in the global telecommunications industry. Focusing mostly on rapidly developing markets around the world, he has held series of senior international executive positions during his career, focusing mostly on rapidly developing markets around the world.


“Seacom has changed the African ICT landscape and it is now time for us to continue this transformation by driving new services and capabilities into Africa’s marketplace. Clatterbuck will lead Seacom into a new era of growth and leverage his operational and business development know-how to unleash the power and speed of Seacom’s global network,” Brian Herlihy said.

The new CEO also had this to say: “Africa is poised to be a key new growth driver for the global economy, and the development story of this decade, and I am pleased to have the opportunity to lend my international skills and experience to a developing company like Seacom. Moreover, Seacom has a solid global reputation for innovation, integrity and quality, and I look forward to leading the great team here during such an important time in Seacom’s and Africa’s development”.

Seacom is a company with a network of submarine and terrestrial high speed fibre-optic cable that serves the East and West coasts of Africa. Their outreach extends to and from Europe, India and Asia; the network uses bundled backhaul, open access points of presence (PoPs) and global partnerships to provide end-to-end wholesale connectivity around the world for African network operators.

Olumuyiwa Coker Author

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