For our current purposes, you are a tech/internet startup trying to get noticed on TechCabal. Here’s how.

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Hey Mike! We are launching X. It will compete with Y. X is better than Y because. We have raised Z money. From XYZ investors. You have the exclusive. Here’s more links (no PDFs).

This pretty much nails it, I have nothing to add, really. Except, replace “Mike” with Bankole, and send to bankole@techcabal.com.

Easy, right? This advice is not only practically bulletproof, it works for any tech blog. Works for any type of media in fact, but we’re going to stay focused. Only time it might not work is if the stuff you’re strutting isn’t all that. You know, half-done website, yet-to-be-launched product with barebones landing page that looks a lot like vapourware? We get so much of those, it’s depressing. But I’m sure you are not one of them. It’s not the whole pitch, but it can be an effective conversation starter that gets an editor to want to write an interesting feature.

We created the startup pitch form to accommodate incoming launch publicity requests from startups, but if your story is truly compelling, this should make things easier.

Mike Butcher image via Gary Stewart

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