Lagos-based startup, Uregista, has developed a service with the same name that allows users build and distribute all kinds of forms without having to write a single line of code — it all happens via a drag and drop interface.

If you’ve heard of or used Typeform, Ninja Forms or WuFoo forms, you’ll have a pretty good idea how this works.


Although made in Lagos, Uregista seems like it can keep up with the best of them. File uploads are possible. Email and SMS notifications are supported. Form submissions can be exported to CSV accessible in spreadsheet programs. And the forms can be embedded into any html-enabled page so that users do not have to go away from the user’s website.

However, the feature that is sure to attract the most attention here is Uregista’s ability to accept payments. Sure, Typeform et al can receive payments, but they don’t have support for Nigerian merchants, because they use Stripe or PayPal or some other foreign payment processor. Uregista on the other hand is integrated with local payments processors, which makes it easy for Nigerian users to charge for form submissions.

Uregista is free to use. But only up to 100 submissions per form. And not for forms with file attachments or that receive payments. If you want more submissions or the aforementioned features, you’ll have to pony up.

Use cases abound for Uregista’s value proposition. Schools, insurance companies, banks and other corporates that have forms which require filling, and at times, payment, would find this useful. Right now, you typically have to print these forms, fill them out, scan and then send by email. Phew! And that’s even in a best case scenario. In the worst case, you might have to physically deliver said forms. Uregista wants to change that.

And it looks like they can. But first, they’ll need to work on the product some more, which admittedly is still in beta (startup jargon for a work in progress). The most obvious kinks are the clunky user interface and experience. On that front, it is certainly no Typeform, which we swear by at TC. There’s room for improvement. Miles of it.

Uregista is led by Oladotun Oni, and is one of the six startups that was accepted into the Leadpath accelerator programme in 2014, raising $20,000 in seed funding in the process.

Photo Credit: Keith Williamson via Compfight cc

Olumuyiwa Coker Author

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