Okay, let’s see what happened today…. The sun rose in the east, Africa is still a continent and not a country (last time I checked), am I forgetting anything? Oh, of course. Here’s what happened today across Africa.

Africa scores an alley oop. Or if you’re boxing fan, a 1-2 punch, in Hong Kong

Two African startups, with the most adverbial of names, Superfluid and Creditable, land a spot in the DBS Accelerator program in Hong Kong. Must be a fintech thing.

SA’s Sunday Times and FNB launch Shark Tank for KwaZulu-Natal Entrepreneurs

A South African province will see startups bring their A-game from far and near. Note I said they’ll bring their A game. Not sharks. Because it’s for pitching. So, why was it named Shark tank? Hmmm….

Cheki, Manheim, I now pronounce you partners!

Cheki, Nigerian online automobile company, and Manheim Inc., the largest automobile auction company in the world, have sat down together and reached a partnership. I can only imagine this is one of those collaborations that will eventually give us our first true James Bond villain. No? Just an easy means to buy cars from USA? Oh Okay. I’ll settle for that.

CMMI Institute says Interswitch’s workflow is pretty dope

Well, dope is sort of understating it. They really meant to say, Interswitch has their delivery process locked down so hard, they’d love to have Interswitch’s babies. But can’t be getting all mushy now, can they?

NEA, is accepting applications for its accelerator programme

Only startups thinking of activating local economies in South Africa need apply. See? You should have listened when they said, Love your neighbour as yourself.

Technology Training Summer Camp for 6 – 16 year olds in Lagos

Oh, and they need to be in secondary school.


Mich Atagana went looking for love in all the Tinder places

Did the sparks fly? Or was she left with smouldering embers? This feature piece, half fiction, half rigorous thought, explores love and dating in the Facebook generation.

Not Covered by TechCabal

AfricaHackon to provide Kenyan startups with Cybersecurity training

So, beware hackers. Your game is up. Or you know, you may just do what you always do and up your skills.

Ibukun Taiwo Author

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