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As we’re preparing for the first Africabeta event happening next week, we’ve been having a series of conversations around the focus of this edition. We chose the theme “Chat 3.0” because of the trend we’re seeing in the messaging space, where a whole new gamut of interactions are being layered on top of messaging and chat apps and enabling a range of business possibilities that were hitherto either not possible or scalable.

Chat apps have gone way beyond messaging, but not everyone’s gotten the memo. Which is precisely why we’re here. In a chat with Channels Television’s Chuwuemeka Fred Agbata (known as CFA in Nigerian tech and media circles), Seyi Taylor and I try to answer some of the questions that will likely surface during the event.

Why are chat applications important?

Hmm, could it be because people are spending so much time in them? Chat apps are a key driver of mobile usage and are often the gateway drug to internet usage.

Can you make money from chat applications?

Absolutely. In fact, the king of making money from chat applications, WeChat, is powering this edition of Africabeta (that wasn’t part of the interview).

What kinds of commercial opportunities are possible in chat applications?

Another good question, which has again been answered by WeChat in Asia. Taxi bookings, on demand food delivery, ecommerce, payments…it’s a rather long list, you should just read this post by A16z.

There’s more in the video. And the conversation continues on the 3rd of October at Africabeta. It’s free to attend, but seats are limited, so register now.

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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