Ever seen an idea that gives you a, “duh!” moment? Like, “that’s such an obvious solution to a huge problem. How didn’t I think about that?” Well, say hello to Locname, all the way from Egypt.

Locname (from location name) is a web and mobile application that allows you to create an address for any point on earth, by assigning it a short, unique name, which you can then share easily in just 2 seconds!

The startup is an alumnus of the Flat6Labs, the MENA region focused accelerator.

I got to watch the startup’s founder, Mourad Alashry, demo the app on stage at DEMO Africa this year. It’s a testament to the simplicity of the idea when one sees just how easy it is to interact with and use the addressing service.

For the web version, LocName uses Google Maps’ API for its navigation system, while the mobile app uses whatever map application is available on the smartphone.

Though Locname is not unique in the pain point it’s trying to address (Okhi in Kenya already does something similar), there’s always room for more solutions in addressing a huge problem like we have with physical addresses in Africa.

There’s a really funny short video that explains what Locname can do. I think you should watch it.

And just a tip to startups out there: please prepare a press/media kit. It makes writing about your company a lot easier and fun.

Photo Credit: Natalia Synyster via Compfight cc

Ibukun Taiwo Author

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