The office of the President of Democratic Republic Congo released a statement yesterday, Thursday October 15, saying that the number one citizen of the DRC has no Twitter account.

To summarise, because the thing was written in french, “I don’t have a Twitter account. All the accounts claiming to be me are imposters.”

Okay, so who are these impostors. And what could they possibly want that is so important to risk jail time for?

There are over 15 accounts related to the president’s name and position, most of which haven’t tweeted a hoot in years(see what I did there?). But a few seem to be having this identity issue. They actually believe they’re the President.


Outright impersonation. Here’s one of his tweets.

“The betrayal will never come from me, That the majority is preparing for Dialogue, the election, the truth of the sling is elsewhere.” – translated from French

Or maybe he’s just someone with identity issues. Luckily, he has just 400 followers. This account was opened very recently though.


Hasn’t tweeted anything since April this year. And his tweets seem pretty harmless. It’s still Impersonation though, which is (now) a crime in DRC.

And finally, @joseph_Kabila_o

This is probably the “ill-intentioned” person on Twitter. He outrightly claims to be the President of the DRC. No apologies. And no tweets either since August 2013.

“In this moment or the nation gathers to national consultations. Brings together think about the future of our beautiful country with responsibility.” -translated from French

Photo Credit: Fujoshi via Compfight cc

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