Are you a teen or college student? And are you down for whatever? Then you should know about Google Inc’s new app, Who’s Down.

The app is Google’s attempt at creating a social network targeted at college students and teenagers. Although there is no clear restriction as to who can use the app, you will need to include your email and the name of your institution to sign up. This is a good pointer to the app’s target demography.

Once you’re signed up, you can login to see who’s “down” to hang out. In order to show your own availability, or down-ness, you need to slide a toggle to the right which immediately lets your fellow teens know that you are down for whatever it is you want to be down for. You can invite your friends to specific categories of hangouts by choosing from Google’s recommendations or you can customise events of your own. Once you have selected what you’re down for, then you can start a chat and make plans with your friends.

L: Android Interface; R: iOS Interface

L: Android Interface; R: iOS Interface

The app is available for both Android and iOS. Right now, it works on an invite-only basis. Casey Newton of The Verge reckons that if Who’s Down is successful, “some of its features could migrate to Google’s Hangouts app.” And if it isn’t, Google might as well kill it off.

Photo Credit: dannysullivan via Compfight cc

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