If you’re like me, then you love your alone time but you also enjoy hanging out with friends, you just don’t do it often. JekaConnect will appeal to you the way it appeals to me.

JekaConnect is a platform that lets you connect with different people who share similar interests with you. You gain access to deals and discounts offers that are exclusive to JekaConnect, but for groups. So if you’re a loner looking to get out of your bubble, this will work well for you.

It hasn’t launched yet, although some deals are already listed on the site. If you’re interested in any of the deals, click on it, then sign in with either your Twitter, Google+ or Facebook account. Once you’re signed in you can go ahead to reserve a spot for yourself. I signed up for the BBQ R’ US deal.


As a business owner, you can register and subsequently feature your deals on the platform.

In the future, after the official launch, you should be able to organize group hangouts by yourself and invite your squad [of friends and colleagues] to join in on the deal, or you can just look for deals that interest you.



Once the meet up is over, you can rate and review it.

It remains unknown how good subsequent deals will be on the platform, but for now, I’d give JekaConnect a 7/10 for three reasons. One: I like the idea behind the platform and it’s one I plan to use often. Two: the idea of going dutch appeals to me. Three: the website isn’t complete yet, because I can’t find any option that allows me change my mind and go back on a deal; that’s painful.

David Adeleke Author

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