MoRewardz FINAL

SlimTrader has added a functionality to its ecommerce platform, MoBiashara, that allows hotels (that use the platform to inventorize their rooms and services) reward frequent patrons.

With the customizable rewards scheme that SlimTrader is calling Mo’Rewardz,  guests will get loyalty points for each reservation, and hotel staff will receive points for creating reservations on the MoBiashara, according to a statement from the company.

“In stark contrast to traditional loyalty schemes, where customers are rewarded for their loyalty to either a hotel chain or a third party booking site, Mo’Rewardz is brand and sales channel agnostic, allowing travellers and hotels to accrue points via any first or third party sellers that use the MoBiashara online reservation system,” the company company CEO, Femi Akinde said..

SlimTrader only recently extended the services of its MoBiashara platform to hotels, from its previous focus on airlines. Along with its $1 million raise in October, it launched – a website that generates bookings for partner hotels – installing itself as competition to the two most visible hotels listing platform in the country, Jovago and

Mo’Rewardz will aggregate rewards from its partners which currently include Trip Advisor, HotelNowNow, Lagos Oriental Hotel, Protea Hotels and the Maison Fahrenheit Hotels.

The company is hoping to capitalize on the Nigerian growing hotels sector that it says is worth $3 billion.

“The travel loyalty industry is currently worth billions in the West, but has barely any visibility or travel market impact in Africa. With this new product launch for the MoBiashara platform, we expect to onboard thousands more hotels over the next 12 months,” Femi Akinde said.

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