Twitter’s live video streaming app, Periscope, has received a new update that will allow users view live broadcasts directly on their Twitter timelines. That means they will no longer need to click the links and be redirected to the Periscope app.


The new update to the Twitter iOS app that was released today is part of plan to give “Periscope broadcasters a window to a massive new audience.”

Since Periscope launched in 2015, over 100 million live broadcasts have been created on it by 2 million daily active users from 10 million registered accounts. But with this new update, Periscope will have access to Twitter’s 320 million monthly active users. The plan is that Twitter users who may or may not own a Periscope can watch both live and repeat broadcasts on their timeline.

To watch a Periscope broadcast, you only need to show up to the party by tapping on the video. It will go full-screen and show you Periscope comments and hearts from the other viewers.

But there’s a big bite on this apple that can’t be ignored. The Periscope streams are set, by default, to play automatically over cellular data and WiFi networks. Their reasoning is that this will [somehow] help with engagement (I wonder how). But it will also mean that if you aren’t on an unlimited data subscription, a torrent of videos on your TL will gulp up your data.

To avoid this, you can adjust the settings on your Twitter for iOS app by going to “settings” and then unchecking “video autoplay.”

Periscope says this update will come to Android and web users “as soon as they’re ready.” There’s no specific date yet.

Photo Credit: Jim Makos via Compfight cc

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